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March 12th, 2015

09:37 pm: General life update - spring 2015

So, let's see... As of late, I have been feeling very Adult. I just got my transmission rebuilt, but since I had a special transmission savings account set up, that $4100 repair bill was almost 75% covered. And also, after the SNAFU of my tax return last year, I was way better about doing tax-beneficial things with my money, primarily, opening a HSA, which dropped my AGI, which improved my ACA refund, which means I get a healthy tax refund this year, yay! Which is great, because of that other 25% of my transmission bill that wasn't covered. So between all that, I think I'll come out even or slightly ahead this year.

However, now I need to rebuild that savings account, and it occurs to me that I probably should start saving for another trailer and/or truck, so the next several years will be focused on that. I want $5k in the former and $10k in the latter before I go overseas again. Which is sad, but so it goes. Maybe I'll be super amazing and manage another trip for my 40th. More than likely, though, I'll be 42 or 45 before that happens.

Concerts/clubbing: Since TRF, I've gotten to see Mr Kitty once in Austin, and Alter der Ruine twice in Tucson. At the last one, Mike J told me an amazing thing about the next time they tour with Mr Kitty! I can't wait until the official announcement so I can stop bursting at the seams with it. I had a great time the few times I got to go to Elysium in Austin, and I met a really nice guy there, and we're Facebook friends now. Alas, he's moving to Madison soon to be with his primary, so I might see him once a year if I'm ambitious. And here in Phoenix, I've been going to a new night at Stacy's at Melrose. The night itself is so-so: Overall poor attendance; the music, while good, is not my cup of tea; good drinks for a good price; and the people are nice. And I've met another local guy here! Maybe this year is my year of meeting locals, getting out of my shell and socializing. We'll see.

Boys: I'd like a primary. However, that will take one to two years to even determine if someone is primary material. I thought maybe I had a good option there for a bit, but he's so awesome that his boss is sending him to a bunch of little shows, and I'll only see him for 4-8 weeks a year, most likely. So that's not ideal.

My cat still has fleas. I think I might finally bite the bullet and wash him in Georgia. Hopefully that will help.

October 20th, 2014

12:57 am: General life update

Let's see..... last update was in Georgia.

On the music front: Concerts in Denver were great! De/Vision again, and I brought Masha with, and she got to tease one of the band members for wearing a Russian shirt but not knowing Russian. Then I got to see Alter der Ruine and Mr Kitty, which was super exciting because they are up-and-coming (or maybe just to certain music snobs) and they only had a handful of tourdates. Then Grendel bookended the end of CO and start of MN. Grendel-MN was an interesting show, because they were doing military helicopter exercises downtown, which pissed me off, which really added to the aggrotech atmosphere of the concert. I also noticably damaged my hearing as that concert. After that, MN was all about clubbing, and I had so much fun! The music rocked - I loved the DJs and the DJs loved me - and I got to know a couple more people there. I'm really looking forward to Hard Mondays again next year! I should probably dampen my enthusiasm actually. I went to "Be.witched Wednesdays" at Numbers in Houston, and it was much with the lame. But there is a Mr Kitty concert at the end of the show, so that will be excellent!

Business-wise, the year has been going great! Mostly great workers, and we bought a shoppe in MN, and I got to leave someone else to run the shop while I went to Kirsten and Damon's wedding! That was incredible.

I'm still not certain what my next extended vacation will be. M'era Luna in 2015 or 2016? More likely 2016 because I don't want the shoppe opened for the first time without me. Or maybe Australia in the winter? Or Bali or New Zealand? Or maybe I should just start a general fund and try to be impulsive! Within certain limits, of course!

I more or less got over Jon in MN. It's a little wierd seeing him now.... hopefully getting past this awkward stage won't take more than a year or two... and certainly all the cute boys in MN helped! I might just be addicted to NRE. It's certainly a thought.

My cat has fleas. I have fleas. My whole house has fleas. Thankfully, my house is only 220 sq ft, but it's still frustrating!

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July 27th, 2014

07:44 am: morning music
Every morning I wake up to Peter Heppner's "Meine Welt," a song of hope and optimism, written as though from a child's perspective. So why has his "Vorbei" been stuck in my head for the last several days?

Es ist vorbei
Alles bricht in zwei
Jede Hoffnung, jede Trauemeri
Es ist vorbei.

It's over
Everything breaks in two
Every hope, every daydream
It's over

May 31st, 2014

08:55 pm: A Facebook meme said "You should be writing."
Let's see...

Right now I'm in Georgia, selling crowns, rings, and shiny things. I've been to two concerts at The Masquerade - VNV Nation in Heaven, and Aurelio Voltaire in Hell. VNV was special because it was the final show of the tour, and Ronan gave out some prizes after the encore. Voltaire was special because he invited the audience up on stage with him to sing "When You're Evil," and at the bridge, he wondered aloud why no one was gently caressing his butt, so wooo! I got to touch Voltaire's butt! That was awesome! And soon I'll go to back-to-back De/Vision concerts in Atlanta and Denver! I've finished off some video games - Fallout 3 finally, a new Shadowrun game - bought a couple albums, and generally not been very productive. I took a stab at making gloves from a pattern, and I think I'll just continue to cut up old, damaged ones for my fancy fingers-only gloves. Made a new gym bag and chemise as well, but mostly I've been holing myself up in my trailer.

Eh, that's not true. I've actually been doing a very good job of going out and being social at least three times a week. Some times it's only for an hour, but it's better than nothing!

I've been working out a lot. A lot. 20-30 minutes of cardio every week day (I skipped twice), and I feel like I'm doing far better at weight things than I was. At least, I know more theory (even though I don't use it), and I'm better about getting different muscle groups. I've improved my upper body strength, and can do 3 sets of 20 knee raises. I still just kind of want to drop 10 lbs, even though intellectually I know that's unrealistic unless I make some serious food changes.

Well, now I don't feel like I've been a total slacker! I've just done unquantifiable things! Thanks, LiveJournal! And Facebook meme too, I guess.

January 2nd, 2014

11:39 pm: Completed sewing projects
Well, I've pretty much finished my sewing projects. I was not able to make the blue chemise. I haven't found any medium shades of blue gauze and I really don't want to dye big-ish things in my house, since it almost doubles my project time. I also didn't get to make my silk cotehardie (or 14th century under-gown, or whatever you want to call it) - I vastly underestimated how much material I had. If it have been 60" material I could have reduced the gown's fullness a bit and made do, but alas, it was only 45" wide.

My cotton cotehardie came out pretty well. I copied the pattern based on the "large," because Swedes are tall and skinny, and that was what was recommended for my measurements. I kept it on a hanger for two weeks during the Armadillo - entirely unintentional, but very good for stretching out the bias! I took it in a bit at the sides, wrists, and at the hem (a lot at the hem!), then flat felled everything that wasn't a rolled hem.

The gloves were the most exciting part of my sewing. Because I was cutting up pre-existing items, that took a lot of trepidation out of it - I was worried about teeny tiny seam allowances. I really like how they look, and they are totally different from anything else out there at the moment - plenty of people have handflower/slave bracelets that go from multiple rings to the wrist, and plenty of people have fingerless hand/wrist warmers, but almost no one has palmless gloves, and no one has them like I do. Except, of course, for Nina de Lianin. They still need some work - I need to make the pieces that cross the back of the hand out of something stretchy or elastic, and I probably need to relearn how to properly sew such materials.

The bustle-skirt was slow and frustrating, starting at the fabric store - they had organza in plum and a bright, almost fushia, purple, neither of which were a good shade for me. So I hemmed and hawed, and looked around some more, and did that maybe 3 more times, then found the right shade of purple organza shelved with some navy things! Yay! Then construction was of course a lot of gathering and pinning, and lots of uncertainty about if I was making things well. I ended up making the front of the skirt ankle-length, then extending the skirt into a train in the back. Then the front was pleated up to about 8" long, and the center back got tacked up to the waistband. I don't know if it could properly be called a bustle, but I'll let wiser minds than I let me know what they think.

December 14th, 2013

12:49 am: Winter sewing projects
I have a few sewing projects planned for the "off season," though since I'm working the Austin Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, I don't actually have any long stretches of downtime, just about 10 days after Christmas.

- New long-sleeved work chemise. Complete. I messed up twice on this one - I cut the front and back as two separate pieces, and the sleeves are finished differently, one in a French seam and the the other is a hand-finished flat felled seam. I forgot the wrist wouldn't fit through the machine. Whoops!

- Cotehardies. In progress. This is a fun one. About two years ago I bought a wool sideless surcoat from geminibalance, but I've had nothing to wear with it. In Norway I impulse-bought a Swedish pattern from a small historical pattern company, and I'm using that, so that is all sorts of translation fun. I remembered midway through tracing the pattern that Europeans don't put seam allowance on their patterns, so I was able to add my own imperial seam allowances instead. I'm making a cotton one first, as the psuedo-mock-up. I think I'll be able to make whatever modifications I want on the cotton, so when I break out the silk it'll be perfect! And then I will have warm and cold weather cotehardies! For that year-round SCAing I do. Not.

- I really need a new blue chemise for my hot weather outfit. Unfortunately, I've been really picky about fabric, and don't have anything I'm happy with. So I'll probably need to find any blue gauze at this point. If this happens during Georgia that's ok, but I'd prefer to have it finished for AZ.

- Gothy cosplay - I've been mildly obsessed with the outfits in this music video. While most of them are beyond my meager abilities, I'd really like to make my own version of Nina's final dress (from Royal Black's "Enchanted Gardens" collection). My purple velvet underbust will serve, so that leaves me 2-3 things to do. 1) Lace skirt with bustle. This will be an adventure in draping. 2) Make a version of those sexy, sexy gloves. Mine certainly won't be latex/rubber/PVC/whatever - I picked up a couple pairs of damaged gloves at Dickens on the Strand to experiment with, hopefully successfully. 3) I may try and attach some netting to my bra so it looks more like the Royal Black design. Depends on how inspired I am.

Other than testing a rice bag for drying out my spices, that's probably it for sewing this winter. Then hopefully I can do some piece work in Georgia.

November 4th, 2013

01:20 pm: Seven Year Itch?
Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything that wasn't music geekery. So, a recap:
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In other news, I do check LJ regularly, and read your posts, more or less (I may skim the long ones). Do you?

February 14th, 2013

08:49 pm: Konzertfreude
AZ - KMFDM will be performing with Legion Within and Chant, on Tuesday, March 12th at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. Tickets $25. Doors 7:30, show at 8. Wasn't very keen on their show in Dallas in Autumn 2009... do I go to this one? I know I like Chant.

June/July - Project Pitchfork and Ayria!!!!! I'll miss their concert in Atlanta - I'll be halfway to Denver on June 4th. I hope they add a Denver date to their tour!

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